Eat the trust that Allah has given you and HALLAL lives. And you are afraid of Allah, believe in it, is not legally forbidden, beware of banned Maide, 88

Emsan Hallal Control is the commercial company that has as main activity the certification of meat products obtained by the Halal process. Halal process is rigorous in complying with the rules on the slaughter of animals that provide raw material for meat products as well as in the selection of spices used in meat processing , all to obtain products that are preferred by consumers for the taste of nature and a plus of flavour in culinary preparations.

For European consumers, contact with Halal products led to the general recognition that the ideal to which the food industry is currently targeting, namely to eliminate as many chemical additives in meat processing, is made by Halal products.In Romania traditional products are complementary to Halal products in what they naturally and tastefully express a food.

Halal certification provided by Emsan Hallal Control srl is accessible to all meat processors. Through collaboration with Emsan Hallal Control team that leads and supervises with qualified staff the entire production process is guaranteed the obtained products as Halal ones.

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